College Football Is Getting Longer

College-football fans are having to devote more and more time to watching games. Each passing season sees the length of games get longer and longer. The national average game length for the 2013-2014 season, according to NCAA stats, was three hours and 17 minutes. Games went up to three hours and 23 minutes the n

ext season and dropped by one minute in the 2015-2016 season. Last season, game-length average grew to three hours and 24 minutes, making for a total increase of seven minutes over the last four seasons. Continue Reading

Floyd Mayweather boxer

Mayweather Tax Debts Loom Over McGregor Fight

There is no question that boxer Floyd Mayweather has earned his nickname “Money”

over the course of his career. He has been a massive success in the ring with a 49-0 career record, and he has made a fortune from his boxing exploits—around $700 million. The boxer isn’t shy about showing off his winnings from bets on other sports, either. Mayweather has taken to social media several times to post betting slips and stacks of cash that he has made from gambling. He has posted the rare losing ticket from time to time, as well. Continue Reading

2017 SEC Media Day Participants

SEC Media Days, which mark the unofficial start to the college-football season, are upon

us once again. The 14-member conference with the media will head to the Hyatt Regency Birmingham-Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, Ala., from July 10-13. After an offseason discussing nearly every topic that comes up since the season ended, the media and coaches sometimes go off-script. A few major examples are Florida Gators quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow being asked if he was a virgin and former Vanderbilt University coach Robbie Caldwell discussing turkey insemination. Mostly the questions are safe, and the coach’s answers are even safer. Continue Reading

Prescott Accused of Fake Autographs

Last summer, there weren’t many people asking for Dak Prescott’s autograph—at least,

not in comparison to these days. There were Mississippi State University and Dallas Cowboys fans may have been interested in the fourth-round draft pick, but the rest of the nation wasn’t Dak crazy yet. During the early preseason games, Prescott shined brightly. Then, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo ended up hurting his back in a preseason game, and second-string quarterback Kellen Moore broke his leg in practice, so Prescott became the starter. Over the course of his rookie season, Prescott led the Cowboys to several impressive wins, and the team finished 13-3 to end the regular season. Continue Reading

Most Quarterback Wins for the Money

Quarterback is without a doubt the most important position in the NFL. Teams throw big

dollars at the position even if the quarterback in question might not be a star. That means players who are just below stardom get paid better at quarterback than stars at other positions. These big paydays often lead to endless debate on whether a quarterback is elite or not. The Oakland Raiders just gave their starting quarterback Derek Carr a major pay raise. Continue Reading