Congressman Thompson Files Bill to Prevent Mississippi DACA Recipient’s Deportation

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), who represents part of the city of Jackson in Washington D.C., introduced a private bill to prevent the deportation of Daniela Vargas, a DACA recipient living in his district before she was detained in March. Vargas’ brother and father were detained early in March during a raid on their home, then Vargas herself was picked up by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers after speaking out at a press conference. She was released over a week later after her story caught national media attention and sparked local outcry and vigils. “Enforcement of our country’s immigration laws must hold steadfast to our cherished American values. Daniela Vargas is a member of our community who respects our laws, pays taxes, and has no criminal record,” Thompson said in a press release. Continue Reading