Mississippi in the 2017 MLB Draft

No sports draft gets the hype and hoopla of the NFL Draft. It is a major event with both ESPN and the NFL Network broadcasting all seven rounds. The NBA Draft, which takes place Thursday, June 22, this year, has plenty of hype but not at the level of the NFL Draft. It also has coverage two networks, with NBA TV and ESPN showing the event.

Last week, MLB held its draft of high school and college players, but didn’t receive the wall-to-wall coverage of its counterparts in other sports. If you happened to miss any of the major goings-on, here is a list of baseball players that teams drafted from schools in our state.

East Mississippi Community College
Vijay Miller, 14th round, 408th pick, San Diego Padres
Marcus Ragon, 15th round, 611th pick, Boston Red Sox

Gulf Coast Community College
Dylan Cyphert, 17th round, 509th pick, Miami Marlins

Itawamba Community College
Tyreque Reed, eighth round, 254 pick, Texas Rangers

Jackson State University
Bryce Brown, 15th round, 439th pick, Tampa Bay Rays

Mississippi State University
Brent Rooker, first round, 35th pick, Minnesota Twins
Ryan Gidley, 11th round, 321st pick, Oakland A’s
Jake Mangum, 30th round, 902nd pick, New York Yankees

University of Mississippi
David Parkinson, 12th round, 353rd pick, Philadelphia Phillies
Tate Blackman, 13th round, 387th pick, Chicago White Sox
Colby Bortles, 22nd round, 665th pick, Detroit Tigers
Bradley Feigl, 35th round, 1,045th pick, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Kyle Watson, 37th round, 1,108th pick, Pittsburgh Pirates

University of Southern Mississippi
Tyler Bradley, sixth round, 179th pick, Miami Marlins
Kirk McCarthy, seventh round, 222nd pick, Cleveland Indians
Dylan Burdeaux, 20th round, 605th pick, Detroit Tigers
Hayden Roberts, 34th round, 1,016th pick, Colorado Rockies

High Schools
Myles Christian, 18th round, 543rd pick, Seattle Mariners (Olive Branch High School)
Cordell Dunn, 19th round, 579th pick, Toronto Blue Jays (Center Hill High School)
Garrett Crochet, 34th round, 1,014th, Milwaukee Brewers (Ocean Springs High School)
David Bradshaw, 35th round, 1,044th pick, Milwaukee Brewers (McLaurin High School)


Randy Bell, 10th round, 303rd pick, Seattle Mariners, University of South Alabama, Woodville, Miss.
Dylan Snypes, 15th round, 457th pick, New York Mets, Oral Roberts University, State Line, Miss.


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