Prepare for Tropical Storm Cindy

Courtesy MS MEMA

Tropical Storm Cindy is threatening the Gulf Coast Region with inclement weather.

This is a verbatim release from the Mississippi MEMA regarding Tropical Storm Cindy:

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is closely monitoring  Tropical Storm Cindy in the Gulf of Mexico.  MEMA wants to remind everyone that now is a good time to review your family emergency plan and listen to the advice of your local officials.

“Even though Mississippi is not expected to experience dangerous winds from Cindy, we are definitely going to see widespread and heavy rainfall,” says MEMA Executive Director Lee Smithson. “Intense flooding, and possible storm surge are our main concerns, so we want the residents of South Mississippi to start planning ahead now to make sure that they are ready for what this system will bring.”

Here is the latest information on Tropical Storm Cindy from the National Weather Service:

  • Tropical Storm Cindy should make landfall in western Louisiana Thursday morning.
  • Greatest threat is heavy rainfall and flooding on the east side of the storm which will inundate Mississippi.
  • Rainfall of 4 to 8 inches, and 10-15 inches possible in some areas of south Mississippi.
  • Rain will remain in the forecast into the weekend, with the heaviest rainfall expected on Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • MEMA is coordinating with all counties for possible needs.
    • Distributed near 100,000 sandbags to the counties; Prepared to send more if requested.
    • Swift and high water rescue teams are on standby.
    • High water vehicles from the National Guard are on stand-by. 
  • Previous rains have saturated much of the state already so immediate water run-off and flash flooding is a major concern.
  • Please don’t focus on the “cone” of the storm as the heavy rain effects will be worse well to the east. 
  • People living in low lying areas should have a plan to evacuate if waters begin to rise.