Gov. Bryant Seeks Donations for ‘Trump Strong’ Mississippi

Imani Khayyam / Jackson Free Press

Gov. Phil Bryant asked Mississippians to consider donating to the Mississippi GOP in an email June 28.

In the midst of the GOP-dominated political atmosphere at both the national and state levels, Republicans are back in the driver’s seat, pushing policies to roll back the Affordable Care Act’s reforms as well as cut taxes.

The party’s success nationally and in the state signal the GOP’s popularity amongst some parts of the country. Nevertheless, Gov. Phil Bryant signed off on a Mississippi GOP email sent out today, asking for donations. The party’s mid-year fundraising goal of $10,000 is running behind, the email shows. The party has raised $2,791 of its $10,000 goal. Gov. Bryant wrote supporters about the national success of the party, praising the GOP’s “undefeated” record in House Special Elections.

“Please offer your support to send a powerful message that we are Trump Strong here in Mississippi!” the email says.


Read the full text of the email below:


We’ve proven our movement is stronger than ever. 

Your grassroots support provided unprecedented victories in our municipal elections this year. On the national level, Republicans are undefeated in House Special Elections thus far. 

The Democrats can’t handle this much losing. 

Now, we’re rapidly approaching a Mid-Year financial deadline and we need your help to meet our goal of $10,000 by Friday, June 30.

I know you’ve already heard from Chairman Nosef, but I am writing to personally ask you to step up and make a contribution so that we can continue to have the resources we need to KEEP WINNING! 

The Democrats haven’t stopped and neither will we. Please offer your support to send a powerful message that we are Trump Strong here in Mississippi!

Mid-Year Goal: $10,000
Left To Raise: $7,209
Deadline: June 30,11:59 PM 

Your generous contribution of just $25 or more today will help us reach our crucial Mid-Year goal.

Thank you,

Phil Bryant