Yarber Offers Final PSA About ‘Illegal Content,’ Then Doesn’t Show to Lumumba Inauguration

Outgoing Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber offered a final public service announcement Saturday night on his Facebook page.

It said:

“PSA: before you jump in my inbox or on my page being jazzy like young E.S. Jamison did, be sure you’ve deleted all illegal content from your page. Cause I’m screen shooting and sending to the FEDS. Be sure you’re current on ya child support and have no active warrants. Be sure your HUD and DHS documents are legit. IJS. Oh, and I’d like to invite everyone out to worship with us in the morning at Relevant Empowerment Church at 9:00am. #idontplayfair “

Yarber is the senior pastor of Relevant Empowerment Church in Jackson. The former mayor was supposed to attend incoming Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba’s inauguration this morning, but he did not show up. No reason was given about Yarber’s absence.