Jacksonians Raise Funds for ‘Panther’ Youth Screening

Before actress Octavia Spencer made national news for planning to buy out a screening of Marvel’s “Black Panther” for an underserved Mississippi community, residents were already on the job here in Jackson.

Khalid and Khadijah Rashid Hudson began a GoFundMe page for the “Jackson Black Panther Challenge” on Jan. 15, hoping to raise $4,000 by the film’s release date, Feb. 16, to allow underprivileged Jackson youth to see the new comic-book movie. “Black Panther” is the first Marvel film to feature a mostly African American cast, with actor Chadwick Boseman as the titular lead, and an African American director in Ryan Coogler, who is best known for films such as “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed.”

At $1,768 raised as of press time, the local fundraising campaign, which takes inspiration from the “#BlackPantherChallenge” in New York City, has already surpassed its initial $1,200 goal, opening the door for about 100 Jacksonians to attend a private screening. The youth, who range in age from third-graders to high-school seniors, are connected to Stewpot Community Services and a City of Jackson basketball program. Each child will receive a movie ticket, a drink and popcorn.

To donate or find more information, visit gofundme.com/jxnblackpantherchallenge.