Let’s Talk Jackson Art 1×01: New Symphony of Time

In this special episode sponsored by the Mississippi Museum or Art, we recorded this podcast in front of a live audience at the Museum on Sept 10th, 2019 as a part of Art Nights, which is sponsored by Baker Donalson.

Our host was Maisie Brown, a Murrah high school senior who recently took a position as Youth Program Director & Communications Associate for the Institute for Democratic Education in America.

Maisie was joined on stage by the Museum’s curator of American art, ELIZABETH ABSTON, along with DR. RASHELL SMITH-SPEARS, an associate professor of English Literature at Jackson State University, and JEFFREY CALIEDO, also a senior at Murrah High School, who was crowned the ACT-SO National Champion of Written Poetry by the NAACP for his poem “Igneous.” He wrote and read a poem in response to the Margaret Walker poem, “This is My Century: Black Synthesis of Time” the poem that serves as inspiration for the museum’s new exhibition, title “New Symphony of Time.”


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