Hinds County Attorney Election Heads to Runoff

Photos Courtesy Stephen Wilson

Gerald Mumford (left) and Malcolm Harrison (right) head to a runoff for Hinds County attorney in two weeks.

Malcolm Harrison and Gerald Mumford will head to a runoff for the Hinds County attorney election, after neither candidate managed to win 50 percent of the vote plus one. The election had three candidates, and interim Hinds County Attorney Martin Perkins pulled 7 percent of the vote.

Harrison won 47 percent of the vote, while Mumford won 45 percent of total votes cast in the election. Only 9,960 Hinds County voters cast ballots on Tuesday, unofficial election results show.

Harrison and Mumford will face off in two weeks for a runoff election. The Hinds County attorney is responsible for all misdemeanors and prosecuting all youth court proceedings in the county. Read candidate interviews with Harrison and Mumford.