Mississippi Blues Trail Unveils 204th Marker in Downtown Jackson

The following is a verbatim press release from Visit Jackson:
The Mississippi Blues Commission will recognize the blues contributions of H.C. Speir with the 10 a.m. unveiling Thursday, May 23, of a Mississippi Blues Trail marker. “The seeds of the blues may have taken root in the Mississippi Delta, but they grew in part because of the efforts of individuals like H.C. Speir on Farish Street,” said Visit Mississippi Director Craig Ray. “This historic area was fertile ground for the genre to flourish into an art form consumed by the masses.” Henry Columbus (H.C.) Speir played a crucial role in the recording of dozens of blues, country and gospel artists in the 1920s and ’30s. In his position as owner of Speir Phonograph Company, founded at 225 N. Farish St., he located, recommended or auditioned talent for various record labels and supervised recording sessions in Jackson and Hattiesburg. Continue Reading

Rainbow Co-op logo - Jackson Free Press

Rainbow Co-op to Reopen in Northpark Mall

Rainbow Co-op, which closed the doors of its long-time Fondren location in the middle of last year, announced this weekend that it would re-open in Northpark Mall in Ridgeland this summer. According to a letter to Rainbow supporters sent out today, Rainbow will offer a more limited range of products than the natural food store had previously carried, focusing on its popular bulk items, herbs, spices and its supplements department. The notice says the co-op will carry some popular natural food grocery and beauty items, and that they’re “in the process of developing a more robust special-order system.” “We loved the energy and history of our Fondren location. We tried to stay in Jackson, but in the end, our criteria could not be met there,” the letter reads. Continue Reading

Mayor Chowke A. Lumumba Issues Statement on Water Billing and Metering Investigation

Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba issued a statement on the water-billing and meeting issue in the City on Monday, April 29. Here it is verbatim:

“For too long, City of Jackson residents and businesses have been burdened by water and sewer billing problems since the system was first implemented. This system, which was intended to provide more timely and accurate bills to customers and additional revenue to the City, instead, caused many customers to frequently receive inexplicably high bills while even more customers received no bill at all for months at a time. Consequently, the financial resources of the water and sewer system have been nearly depleted by lower billed and collected revenues. This contract represents the largest investment in the City’s history- nearly $90 million which requires the City to make annual debt payments of $7 million through 2041. Continue Reading

JFP Seeking News Intern

The JFP is seeking an enterprising, high-energy, passionate news intern to help cover the city and county. Ideal candidate must be comfortable with talking to people, a clear and concise writer, a deep thinker with insatiable curiosity and someone who will walk in the door with a learning attitude. The JFP is a fun but intense collaborative office environment where the staff together decides values including having a good attitude every day, a strong work ethic and leaving drama at the door. You must be willing to be accountable to the team and work well with co-workers and managers. You must also believe you have something to learn from the team every day to fit our culture of excellence. Continue Reading

City Council Updates: Public Programs Suffer Under Budgetary Constraints

The following is an overview of the April 2 meeting of the Jackson City Council. HR Opts for Outside Opinion on Untrained Staff
The Jackson City Personnel department has opted for an outside audit of each department in the city to provide an objective view of internal weaknesses. Director Wilma Scott explained that she has identified communication and management issues as a source of a detrimental amount of grievances. The director believes that many of these issues stem from certain personnel occupying management positions that they do not have the qualifying experience to execute appropriately. “With this information, we hope to improve communications and reduce grievances that, if left unaddressed, could lead to legal action against the city.” Continue Reading