Let’s Talk Jackson Politics: Darla Palmer LTJPx08

In this episode of our special series for the 2019 political season, Donna Ladd talked with Darla Palmer, a candidate for District Attorney in Hinds County. Palmer has been a public defender, a prosecutor, an attorney in private practice, and a staff attorney for the city of Jackson. She’s running for district attorney because she’s concerned about the rise in violence crime in Jackson and she’d like to see cases move more quickly through the district attorney’s office. She’s also running on her determination to instill a sense of respect in the DA’s office and its ability to bring criminals to justice. www.facebook.com/DarlaforDA/
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Let’s Talk Jackson Politics: Stanley Alexander LTJPx07


In this episode of our special series for the 2019 political season, Donna Ladd talked with Stanley Alexander, a candidate for Hinds County District Attorney. Alexander is a Democrat who currently serves as the Director of the Public Integrity Division of the Mississippi Attorney General’s office. There he has prosecuted police officers who shot unarmed people; public corruption by officials… and even current Hinds DA Robert Shuler Smith. He calls the system “broken” and wants to overhaul the system to speed up trials and reduce the jail backlogs. He was previously an assistant DA in then-DA Faye Peterson’s office and points out that he is the only candidate for Hinds DA who has prosecuted a felony. Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Jackson Politics: Victor Mason LTJPx05

Victor Mason comes into the Hinds County Sheriff’s race with an advantage; he’s already the Sheriff. Some would argue he also comes in with a disadvantage—there have been some lawsuits, settlements, texts and health challenges—which Editor-in-Chief Donna Ladd asked him all about in this episode of our limited series of podcasts about the 2019 political season.

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Let’s Talk Jackson: Angie Thomas 7×10

In this episode of Let’s Talk Jackson, JFP Editor-in-Chief Donna Ladd talks with New York Times bestselling author—and Jacksonian—Angie Thomas. Angie grew up in Georgetown, not far from the house where Medgar Evers was assassinated in 1963, and bases some of her fiction on the violence and changes she witnessed growing up. She earned a BFA from Belhaven University, where she began work on her debut novel, “The Hate U Give,” which is still on the bestseller list and is now a major motion picture. Her second novel, “On the Come Up,” was released this spring and is also a bestseller. Angie Thomas: angiethomas.com/

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Let’s Talk Jackson Politics: Jody Owens LTJPx04

In this, the fourth episode in a limited series for for the 2019 political season, Donna Ladd speaks with Jody Owens, a candidate for district attorney in Hinds County. Owens is originally from Terry, Mississippi, where he grew up in the country on a farm. He went to Terry High School, Jackson State University and on to law school. Recently he was head of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mississippi office. In June, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba endorsed Owens, who is campaigning as a reformer, as a replacement for outgoing district attorney Robert Shuler Smith. Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Jackson Politics: Cassandra Welchin LTJPx03

On this Let’s Talk Jackson Politics… Cassandra Welchin is a candidate for an open seat in House District 68 representing parts of West and South Jackson, Rankin County and Byram. Welchin describers herself as a policy advocate, organizer and coalition builder; she has an undergraduate degree from Jackson State and a graduate degree from Brandies University. She spoke with JFP State Reporter Ashton Pittman.

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