Rukia Lumumba - Let's Talk Jackson - Jackson Free Press

Let’s Talk Jackson: Rukia Lumumba 7×06

In this episode of Let’s Talk Jackson, Editor Donna Ladd sits down with Rukia Lumumba for a wide-ranging discussion on criminal justice and solutions to crime and violence. Perhaps best known locally for her work on her brother’s successful mayoral campaign, Rukia Lumumba is a Howard-educated attorney and executive director of the People’s Advocacy Institute, a non profit dedicated to finding community-driven solutions to crime.

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Pam Confer - Let's Talk Jackson

Let’s Talk Jackson: Pam Confer 7×05

JFP Editor-in-Chief Donna Ladd has a spirited conversation with Pam Confer, a local musician, songwriter, marketing expert and political organizer on the day the governor recognized as “Mississippi Beautiful Day.” They discuss the challenges that Mississippi faces in race relations and gender equality, how far the state has come, and how to keep up the energy of progress and community building in Jackson.

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Ronnie Crudup Jr - Let's Talk Jackson

Let’s Talk Jackson: Ronnie Crudup 7×05

In this episode of Let’s Talk Jackson, Donna Ladd sits down with Ronnie Crudup, Jr., the executive director of New Horizons Ministry Inc., and the recently elected Mississippi Representative from District 71. Donna and Ronnie talk about the effects of demographic shifts in South Jackson and how he’s trying to reverse the results. Also, find out why he thinks “God has a sense of humor.”

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Benny Ivey - Let's Talk Jackson

Let’s Talk Jackson: Benny Ivey 7×01 and 7×02

Donna Ladd interviews Benny Ivey, a South Jackson native whose generationally addicted family raised him into a life of crime. Now a businessman working to help other young people stay out of trouble, he recounts the time he spent as a juvenile and an adult committing crimes. Once in prison, he joined a gang, the Simon City Royals, which he thought was a brotherhood of men. He later led the gang locally.

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